Starting in my childhood I got the kinds of scars that you can't see. There were times when I felt alone and shamed. I know how important it is to take the first steps in my own healing with the help of available supports to get me in a continuum of care. I also know sharing with others in need can change lives.  Let me help you and help others take those first steps.  

Let Me Share My Story

Tonja Myles
Speaker, Veteran, Peer Specialist, Advocate,

Even before I became a soldier my Dad, a Vietnam Veteran, knew that his daughter had challenges that occurred during his absence so he taught me how to fight through the pain. I didn't understand what he was doing at the time but in his own way, he was training me to overcome any weaknesses and to become a strong leader. So many people suffer in silence not aware that there is hope.  They can move through trauma from addictions, sexual abuse, suicide attempts and any destructive behaviors.    My work and testimonial can help others take the first step towards their own healing.



In order to begin healing you must confront the pain in order to conquer it. My expertise comes from my own lived experience as an addict, suicide attempt survivor, and victim of childhood trauma. So many times we are told to "suck it up" or act like the hurt never happened.  The pain has a name. Let me share with you how I navigated through the healing process to began my path to recovery that I hope will inspire you.



Tonja has presented her inspirational message at prisons, churches, conferences, schools, trainings, community events, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, public television, documentaries, and the White House.


"Tonja has always been willing to help people find resources so that they can live their best life. What makes Tonja so great is that she is %100 authentic.  She can relate to everyone because she is her true self all the time."

Dr. Marjorie Pearson, Medical Director
Post Trauma Institute
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

...Tonja has been a trailblazer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana lending her knowledge, caring and time to those who are most vulnerable and needy. Her work with our veterans, those addicted to drugs and alcohol, and those with mental health issues has been outstanding.

Hillar Moore,  District Attorney
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


"Tonja Myles is passionate about her faith, her family, and her Community.  Our City daily reaps the benefits of Tonja's commitment to serve others.  She has especially made an impact in transforming the lives of those suffering from addiction and mental health issues."

Sharon Weston Broome, Mayor

Baton Rouge, Louisiana